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First Love

28 Aug

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Jeremy Renner, Career first

19 Aug

Jeremy Renner is ”married” to his career.
This was the headline of an article i came across with while looking for updates of my ultimate love, and this practically broke my heart, sheesh so emotional here…

The 41-year-old actor is currently single and has never married and says he made a decision to put work first in his life after seeing many of his family – including his parents, who separated when he was 10 years old – go through divorces.

He said: ”I come from a large, large family with many divorces so I chose not to go down that route straight away. Instead I essentially got married to my career.”

Just as he made a decision about marriage early on in his life, ‘The ‘Bourne Legacy’ star accepted his unconventional looks from a young age as he was always taught to think himself ”beautiful”.

In an interview with the Daily Telegraph newspaper, he said: ”Aren’t we taught as kids that we’re beautiful because we feel beautiful and not because someone else says so?

”You don’t look like the model on the magazine cover but you can still be beautiful, so I can’t say I really want to change anything. I’m happy with the flaws I have.”

Despite his current career successes, Jeremy is not concerned about what the future holds.

He said: ”I don’t have a crystal ball, I don’t know what is going to happen.

”I have never allowed myself to think into the future. I’ve never been good at that and I’m not good at looking backwards either. I’m just good at being in the present and staying here.”


“When we first met, I d…

5 Jun

“When we first met, I didn’t want to get involved with anyone. I didn’t have the time or energy, and I wasn’t sure that I was ready for it. But you were so good to me, and I got swept up in that. And little by little, I found myself falling in love with you.

The Bourne Legacy Trailer

5 Jun

The Bourne Legacy Trailer

The sequel to the worldwide phenom Bourne Trilogy,minus Matt Damon, with the newest addition to the Universe by Robert Ludlum, Jeremy Renner

Will be waiting for this film for the one I love Jeremy Renner *cheeesy*

On Moments and Chances

5 Jun

Everyday that we wake upon provides lots of moments that we must cherish and treasure, moments that we should grab and take advantage of,moments to spend with the ones we love, moments that should be shared with the ones & the things that truly matter because these are all but chances that will soon be gone and truly be lost forever.

I personally am so afraid of committing mistakes, on wasting time on errors or on things left unsaid or undone because once we’ve made those no matter how hard we try or how many attempts we make to undo them, in the end we never can. The urge to correct them will be strong, the sense of want to do the right will be there but no matter what we will still grieve  and live with the after effect of those actions, yes we can’t re-write the past but we can change the possibility of the future but there will be scars left as a reminder. A reminder of the unsaid words, the what if’s, the undone actions a constant nagging thought of the “what would have been’s?”

So I pray to be unabashedly strong ,to let the people who matter to me know how important they are and how much I love them.

To pursue my dreams with the utmost determination and passion, uncaring what the world or other people think.

To smile,to laugh , to cry, to fight and to love, to commit mistakes and to learn from them so they will not be  vain.

To seize the day and to become what I have always dreamed of becoming

To have the guts to tell the person I love how much I love him and  that he alone is the one I need in this world.

Most importantly to say what we want to say to the people who matter to us before time gets in the way.


24 May

It’s funny that when i look at photos of you i still have goosebumps and butterflies flying around my tummy. its been so long and i thought i already have gotten over you, but its kind of strange that it still hurts so much and so deep for that matter. its apparent that you are really happy and i couldn’t be any happier for you. it’s just that after all these years, it’s still you and it will always be you…always.

i hope and pray that somewhere in your heart i’ll have a special place, no matter how insignificant it maybe. it is sort of dumb and silly for me to ask that but anyhow nothings gonna be wasted for trying.

only a few people would understand how i feel about you, even if it seems crazy since you’re already with someone else and you look so good and happy together. and who am i to even want to enter into that perfectly happy picture.

I don’t know if you would have the slightest chance to read this, but i really am happy for you, though to be honest, tears are starting to roll of my cheek as im articulating that thought, I may never have the courage and chance to say those words i so long to tell you because I could fall to pieces if I had.

but Loving you was the most wonderful thing I could have done and even if it hurts I know I have loved truly though i think sometimes suck at that.

it may never happen for us but at least i know deep in my heart that I will always love you and that you will have a special place in my heart, Always…