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Jeremy Renner, Career first

19 Aug

Jeremy Renner is ”married” to his career.
This was the headline of an article i came across with while looking for updates of my ultimate love, and this practically broke my heart, sheesh so emotional here…

The 41-year-old actor is currently single and has never married and says he made a decision to put work first in his life after seeing many of his family – including his parents, who separated when he was 10 years old – go through divorces.

He said: ”I come from a large, large family with many divorces so I chose not to go down that route straight away. Instead I essentially got married to my career.”

Just as he made a decision about marriage early on in his life, ‘The ‘Bourne Legacy’ star accepted his unconventional looks from a young age as he was always taught to think himself ”beautiful”.

In an interview with the Daily Telegraph newspaper, he said: ”Aren’t we taught as kids that we’re beautiful because we feel beautiful and not because someone else says so?

”You don’t look like the model on the magazine cover but you can still be beautiful, so I can’t say I really want to change anything. I’m happy with the flaws I have.”

Despite his current career successes, Jeremy is not concerned about what the future holds.

He said: ”I don’t have a crystal ball, I don’t know what is going to happen.

”I have never allowed myself to think into the future. I’ve never been good at that and I’m not good at looking backwards either. I’m just good at being in the present and staying here.”