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Food Trip: Joed’s Lutong Hapon

26 Jan

Now this food trip is not based on your conventional Japanese Restaurant because it would be the first Japanese resto with the fusion of Filipino ambiance with he authenticity of Japanese cuisine but most of all the best thing is it comes with the most valuable price!

The must try is their version of California Crunchy Roll and California Maki and their signature Beef Gyudon, Sukiyakidon but what i would definitely recommend is their Pork spare ribs all at prices below two hundred—


Crab Sticks



Pork  Bento

Joed’s Lutong Haponhas two branches located in F. Cabahug St. across Sarrosa Hotel and one in G/F Enmore Residence Hall 257-A Don Jose Avila St.,Capitol Site, Cebu City, ( beside MAIN ENTRANCE OF SACRED HEART GIIRLS HIGHl-SCHOOL Hijas de Jesus

you may also contact them at 09173100885