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Best in First Class

1 Sep

Some lucky travelers always fly in first or business class, dine at the best restaurants and climb into beds prepped by personal butlers at swanky five-star hotels. Everyone else? We may get to sample the luxe life now and then, but most of us can only imagine the upscale amenities offered by some airlines and top-drawer hotels. Come along on a virtual visit to see the best that first class has to offer.

Best and Worst Airline Seats

1 Sep

Whether your flight is short or long — but especially if it’s long — where you sit on the airplane can make all the difference in how much you enjoy the trip. That’s why sites such as SeatGuru and Seatexpert, which evaluate the desirability of every seat on just about every type of commerical aircraft, are so popular, and why so many airlines keep raising the bar — and the price — for the most comfortable seats. Here’s a look at what your money might buy in the sky, starting with the best seats.