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24 May

It’s funny that when i look at photos of you i still have goosebumps and butterflies flying around my tummy. its been so long and i thought i already have gotten over you, but its kind of strange that it still hurts so much and so deep for that matter. its apparent that you are really happy and i couldn’t be any happier for you. it’s just that after all these years, it’s still you and it will always be you…always.

i hope and pray that somewhere in your heart i’ll have a special place, no matter how insignificant it maybe. it is sort of dumb and silly for me to ask that but anyhow nothings gonna be wasted for trying.

only a few people would understand how i feel about you, even if it seems crazy since you’re already with someone else and you look so good and happy together. and who am i to even want to enter into that perfectly happy picture.

I don’t know if you would have the slightest chance to read this, but i really am happy for you, though to be honest, tears are starting to roll of my cheek as im articulating that thought, I may never have the courage and chance to say those words i so long to tell you because I could fall to pieces if I had.

but Loving you was the most wonderful thing I could have done and even if it hurts I know I have loved truly though i think sometimes suck at that.

it may never happen for us but at least i know deep in my heart that I will always love you and that you will have a special place in my heart, Always…