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Beach Camping, Cancuaay, Oslob, Cebu.

20 Feb

Cancuaay Private Beach Resort Oslob

Our Team held our Christmas Outing here accompanied by a Day Tour at Sumilon Island Sandbar . Then place was peaceful and quiet even on a weekend. The price is reasonable although you’d be in for the hike of your life since the highway is uphill and you’d have to make 300 step descend to reach the beach. It was worth it though, especially the cliffside formations and the panoramic view that greets you. Make sure not to miss the incredible sunrise and the panoramic sunset view.

Overall 8/10

*Accomodation: Tents Php 350/pax (mats and futon, pillows and blankets provided).
*Food: BYO (can cook, staff provides basic utensils) place has a mini store that sells snacks, toiletries etc.
*Separate Toilet & Shower.
*Sockets limited, better bring power banks for phones and gadgets.
*4G LTE signal in the area.
*** They can arrange a boat from Tan-awan to take you directly to Sumilon (price starts at Php 2500).

*** Cancuaay Private Beach resort is along the highway and can be easily seen from the bus. You can take a Ceres boat s bound for Oslob via Bato (fare around Php 150-200). You may also opt for a Van for hire in the city, for your convenience, tates usually start at Php 6000.


Camiguin Island…

31 Jan

Camiguin Island: The Island of your Imagination

Located in the Northeastern part of Mindanao is a hidden gem, dubbed as the Paradise Island by tourist and locals alike. Bask in the sea and sun and nestled with luscious bounty of flora and fauna teeming with beauty yet to be discovered is the island born of fire, getting its nickname for its 7 volcanoes outnumbering its five towns. More than that, the island itself takes pride in its world-class tourist destinations that would definitely be described as the island’s way of saying: Come Again!

How to get there

From the city of Cagayan de Oro you can take a bus at the Agora Terminal bound for Butuan City and stop at the Port of Balingoan and ride a ferry for Camiguin Island. A fast craft is also available for Camiguin via Cagayan de Oro City. You could also reach Camiguin from Cebu City via Bohol or a RORO ferry every weekend bound for the Port of Balbagon. Direct Flights are now available from Manila 5x a week via Skyjet Airlines. Direct Flights from Cebu daily via Cebu Pacific and Philippine Airlines.

The Stay

The island has a number of resorts that could accomodate tourist depending on their preference. If you would like to have the front view of the beach for your stay then stay at Bahay Bakasyunan, Paras Beach Resort, Coral Dive Resort or Tia’s Cottages.If you are nature lover and would like to enjoy a 180 degree view of the island you could stay at Camiguin Higland Resort. Cottages are also available for large group or for families that would like to have the homey feel while on vacation, cottages are offered by Pabua’s Cottages just across Paras Beach Resort.

Let the adventure begin:

Island Hopping

The island itself has two smaller islands for its pride, the seemingly green and white Mantigue Island that could be reach through the town of Mahinog, offering white sand, crystal clear wates and a natural shade by trees in the island and offers a great deal of marine life in its waters that snorlers would definitely enjoy. The shape-shifting (due to water current) white sandbar knowns as White Island is ever magnificent as it is with the Hibok-Hibok Volcano on the background one could leisurely lounge in the sun, and depending on the tide you might chance upon the sandbar completely submerge underwater during high-tide. Pump boat rates are fixed at Php 600 for 4 persons round trips. There aren’t any food stalls on either islands a couple fishermen hwoever may sell their freshly caught sea urchins locally known as ” Tuyom and Swaki” that paured coconut vinegar, beats any sushi you’ve ever had. You may also bring packed food or lunch, make sure to claygo, to keep the island’s cleanliness.

Hot and Cold

Cold Springs like Sto Niño, Soda Pool and Macao are the sure way to beat the tropical heat. Come night time you may then take a dip at Ardent Hot Spring for a relaxing cap to your adventure filled day. Both Springs have in-house restaurants offering native Filipino delicacies , their must try at Sto Niño would be the Native Tinolang Chicken.

Foodie Adventures

22 Sep

#’s8,10,13,16 &21

22 Sep

Jeremy Renner’s ‘Mission’ to Become a Leading Man (Analysis)

3 Sep

With starring roles in “Avengers” and “Bourne Legacy” in 2012, the actor once considered Tom Cruise’s heir apparent is poised for mainstream stardom.

by Borys Kit , Jay A. Fernandez

This article first appeared in the Jan. 20issue of The Hollywood Reporter  magazine.

At the end of Mission: Impossible — Ghost Protocol, Jeremy Renner accepts an invitation to become an official member ofTom Cruise’s IMF team. The moment both closes his character’s arc and signals the potential at play in Renner’s career: Will he join Cruise on Hollywood’s A-list?

There are few actors more poised for mainstream stardom than Renner. Coming off Ghost Protocol’s $450 million (and climbing) worldwide gross, the two-time Oscar nominee has a clutch of movies hitting in the next year that will put him in the spotlight like never before. Renner, 41, plays Hawkeye in Disney/Marvel’s May release The Avengers and headlines August’s The Bourne Legacy, taking over Universal’s billion-dollar franchise from Matt Damon.

Renner was supposed to first be seen in Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters in March. But on Jan. 9, Paramount shifted the release of its action-oriented take on the fairy tale to January 2013, in part because the studio is betting that Renner will be a bigger global star after Avengers and Bourne.

Renner, and, to a certain extent, Hollywood in general, hopes so. For all the media hype in August 2010 that accompanied his joining the fourth Mission: Impossible — many speculated that the movie, Renner’s first seven-figure payday, would groom him to “replace” the then-diminished and aging Cruise — it is Cruise, 49, who has received the credit and career boost from the film. Renner, who established critical chops in The Hurt Locker and The Town, is still a question mark commercially. And Ghost Protocol, which barely featured Renner in ads, hasn’t quelled the concerns of a town searching desperately for a new crop of global movie stars.

Still, Renner and his reps at CAA and Untitled have been smart about building on his 2009 breakout role in Hurt Locker. Following a standout supporting turn in Ben Affleck’s The Town, joining Avengers put him in a comic book movie with worldwide recognition — and if it fails, being part of an ensemble won’t hurt his star power. Jumping into Bourne is much riskier. He’s shouldering an action movie by himself, making what a source says is $5 million to $7 million, and inviting comparisons to Damon, whose name has defined the franchise. But Renner has fans in Hollywood, thanks to a guy’s-guy appeal that eludes many stars.

“When Renner throws a punch, it feels like a real punch,” says a top producer. “That’s a big challenge for a lot of actors.” If Bourne works, Renner will have another franchise — Universal has signed him for multiple pictures. Paramount also has Renner locked up for another Mission, but the studio and the very busy Cruise haven’t solidified plans for M:I5 or Renner’s involvement (both appear likely).

Ryan Reynolds, last year’s next big thing, is a relevant case study. After his great summer of 2009 (The Proposal, X-Men Origins: Wolverine), Reynolds starred in the indie horror flop Buried and took on the disappointing Green Lantern and the raunchy comedy The Change-Up. Amid all that, he booked starring roles in Safe House opposite Denzel Washington and the supernatural actionerRIPD. Reynolds’ career is still strong, but he is definitively more earthbound than he once was.

Renner is shrewdly hedging his bets by developing material for himself via the Combine, the production company he and Don Handfield launched. A real-life racing story, Slingshot, and aSteve McQueen biopic are in the works, so Renner could explode to leading-man stardom or settle into character work.

“He’s certainly not ready to carry a film yet,” says a top talent lawyer. “Of course, the catch-22 is that no one will know whether he’s ready until he does it — and whichever studio gets that film will be the lottery winner.”

15 People Who Deserve A Dirty Look | Thought Catalog

25 Aug

15 People Who Deserve A Dirty Look | Thought Catalog.

24 Aug

33 Things You Don’t Need To Feel Bad About

1. Turning down invites to places whether it’s because you have responsibilities or you simply don’t want to.

2. Hitting a (possibly suicidal) bird while driving.

3. Being late for work. They likely keep you after your scheduled shift from time to time; so don’t feel guilty for clocking in a few minutes late.

4. When you miscalculate and have to leave a lower tip than you typically would.

5. Being afraid of the dark. (With all of the paranormal movies and television shows coming out in recent years, our imaginations are being fed terrifying material.)

6. Falling asleep during Oscar nominated films.

7. Rejecting advances from a person you’re not interested in. (It’s better than leading them on, though it may not feel like it at the time.)

8. Waiting for someone to finish his or her ramblings so you can begin telling your more compelling story.

9. Going number two in a friend’s toilet.

10. Not understanding Inception. Or any movies with baffling plots and confusing storylines for that matter.

11. Being emotionally invested in a reality television series.

12. Getting intoxicated on a school or work night.

13. Stopping a few reps early on a set during your workout.

14. Enjoying Nickelback’s music.

15. Nodding your head and smiling after not hearing what a person said. Once you’ve said “What” multiple times it’s easier to just pretend to have heard, and move on with your day.

16. Making friends with someone specifically because you mutually dislike another person.

17. Not being a fan of Starbucks, or coffee in general.

18. Deciding at some point that you’re simply not going to be productive for the remainder of day.

19. Snatching the right-of-way from the possession of hesitant drivers.

20. Knowing a list of plenty things that you would wish on your worst enemy.

21. Having blatantly biased opinions about 80s and 90s television programs being significantly better than all others.

22. Taking advantage of opportunities to nap despite the flawless weather outside.

23. Not worrying about how satisfied customers are after you’ve put in two weeks notice.

24. Drenching specific foods in either syrup, ranch, ketchup — or some other condiment that they aren’t traditionally soaked in.

25. Finding cartoon or video game characters legitimately attractive.

26. Wasting hours upon end contemplating life’s deepest wonders — e.g. how graffiti finds its way to signs above highway and interstate overpasses.

27. Purchasing a Zune at some point, despite the existence of iPods.

28. Keeping up with the Kardashians by regularly or binge watching episodes of Keeping Up With The Kardashians

29. Falling for someone’s lies or deception. (Just be more cautious so it doesn’t become habitual.)

30. Utilizing Google Chrome’s ‘incognito window’ daily, for a number of different reasons.

31. Liking Batman & Robin starring George Clooney. And I don’t mean ironically, I mean legitimately finding pleasure in those 125 minutes of film.

32. Not being able to get into using Instagram.

33. That you don’t feel bad about something that seems like you should


24 Aug

10 Food Lover Problems

The fizzy Mountain Dew I took swigs of to wash down a mouthful of gooey brownies viciously burned my throat. This was a thought I once had that led to a revelation. An eye-opening notion that I was in possession of the most disgusting, absurd diet ever. Over time I recognized that many of my daily issues, were in fact a result of my poor eating habits. Just to scratch the fried, crispy surface – these are the trials and tribulations that an unhealthy eating, food-loving soul deals with far too often.

1.The inability to twist doorknobs or open things because of the finger grease acquired while eating potato chips. It’s even worse when the thing you’re trying to open is edible, because it really shines a guilty spotlight on the situation, if you already know you’re overeating.

2. When 24/7 fast food joints shutdown their ice cream machine because it’s nighttime. Milkshake or ice cream cravings are intense and passionate, so the only real way of halting such powerful desires is the actual consumption of one.

3.Losing everything in your stomach, along with your dignity in the bathroom of a Taco Bell, because the prices were so low and the food was so tasty entering your body. However the exiting process of mystery meat filled tacos and burritos is never a pleasant one.

4.The challenging task of driving home after purchasing fast food. The specific conflict that always arises involves resisting the urge to inhale most or all of the hot, salty French fries before you even get to sit and enjoy the burger that came along with them.

5.Accidentally leaving unprofessional orange and red fingerprints all over paper documents due to constant consumption of Cheetos, Hot Cheetos and Doritos. Colored fingertips are the surefire sign of a cheese/spicy flavored chip lover — they basically serve as our badge of honor.

6. A constantly upgraded wardrobe as a result of fluctuating weight that renders certain articles of clothing useless. The only real guarantee in my overeating life is that my socks remain consistently usable.

7. Trying to distinguish the difference between sheer boredom and actual hunger. At times they can be indistinguishable, resulting in minor gluttony.

8. Being unnervingly bothered by taking that first swipe out of the peanut butter or Nutella jar because it’s ruining a beautifully filled, smooth looking 13 ounces of deliciousness. Feels like jamming a knife through a Picasso painting every single time.

9. A growing addiction to food porn. Often it’s a struggle to complete daily tasks and errands because we’re mesmerized watching Food Network or looking up HD photographs of cookies, ice cream, cookies covered in ice cream and other sexy — oops, I mean delicious concoctions.

10. Frequently burning fingers and mouths because it’s virtually impossible to refrain from grabbing and attempting to eat freshly cooked, extremely hot food. Even with the knowledge that cooling time is necessary, attempts to resist are futile. I’ll even go back for bites in five-second intervals, as if anything has changed and the result will be less painful.


The Cutest TV and Movie Couples!

24 Aug



The Cutest TV and Movie Couples!

Move over, Romeo and Juliet! There’s a new generation of love stories happening and they’re super-romantic. Which one of these duos do you wish you were one half of?



The Hunger Games Casts Sam Claflin As Finnick Odair

24 Aug


Here’s an excerpt from the press release:

Lionsgate and the filmmakers of THE HUNGER GAMES: CATCHING FIRE are pleased to announce that Sam Claflin has been cast in the role of Finnick in the much anticipated film adaptation of Suzanne Collins’ worldwide smash hit novel Catching Fire. Charasmatic and clever, Finnick was a District 4 Hunger Games victor when he was fourteen.

After breaking out in his role as the romantic lead in last year’s PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: ON STRANGER TIDES, Claflin starred in the box office smash SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN playing Prince William alongside Kristen Stewart, Charlize Theron and Chris Hemsworth. He recently finished filming THE QUIET ONES opposite Jarred Harris, and MARY & MARTHA, in which he co-stars with Hilary Swank.


The Hunger Games: Catching Fire comes to theatres November 15th, 2013.