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15 People Who Deserve A Dirty Look | Thought Catalog

25 Aug

15 People Who Deserve A Dirty Look | Thought Catalog.

24 Aug

33 Things You Don’t Need To Feel Bad About

1. Turning down invites to places whether it’s because you have responsibilities or you simply don’t want to.

2. Hitting a (possibly suicidal) bird while driving.

3. Being late for work. They likely keep you after your scheduled shift from time to time; so don’t feel guilty for clocking in a few minutes late.

4. When you miscalculate and have to leave a lower tip than you typically would.

5. Being afraid of the dark. (With all of the paranormal movies and television shows coming out in recent years, our imaginations are being fed terrifying material.)

6. Falling asleep during Oscar nominated films.

7. Rejecting advances from a person you’re not interested in. (It’s better than leading them on, though it may not feel like it at the time.)

8. Waiting for someone to finish his or her ramblings so you can begin telling your more compelling story.

9. Going number two in a friend’s toilet.

10. Not understanding Inception. Or any movies with baffling plots and confusing storylines for that matter.

11. Being emotionally invested in a reality television series.

12. Getting intoxicated on a school or work night.

13. Stopping a few reps early on a set during your workout.

14. Enjoying Nickelback’s music.

15. Nodding your head and smiling after not hearing what a person said. Once you’ve said “What” multiple times it’s easier to just pretend to have heard, and move on with your day.

16. Making friends with someone specifically because you mutually dislike another person.

17. Not being a fan of Starbucks, or coffee in general.

18. Deciding at some point that you’re simply not going to be productive for the remainder of day.

19. Snatching the right-of-way from the possession of hesitant drivers.

20. Knowing a list of plenty things that you would wish on your worst enemy.

21. Having blatantly biased opinions about 80s and 90s television programs being significantly better than all others.

22. Taking advantage of opportunities to nap despite the flawless weather outside.

23. Not worrying about how satisfied customers are after you’ve put in two weeks notice.

24. Drenching specific foods in either syrup, ranch, ketchup — or some other condiment that they aren’t traditionally soaked in.

25. Finding cartoon or video game characters legitimately attractive.

26. Wasting hours upon end contemplating life’s deepest wonders — e.g. how graffiti finds its way to signs above highway and interstate overpasses.

27. Purchasing a Zune at some point, despite the existence of iPods.

28. Keeping up with the Kardashians by regularly or binge watching episodes of Keeping Up With The Kardashians

29. Falling for someone’s lies or deception. (Just be more cautious so it doesn’t become habitual.)

30. Utilizing Google Chrome’s ‘incognito window’ daily, for a number of different reasons.

31. Liking Batman & Robin starring George Clooney. And I don’t mean ironically, I mean legitimately finding pleasure in those 125 minutes of film.

32. Not being able to get into using Instagram.

33. That you don’t feel bad about something that seems like you should


24 Aug

10 Food Lover Problems

The fizzy Mountain Dew I took swigs of to wash down a mouthful of gooey brownies viciously burned my throat. This was a thought I once had that led to a revelation. An eye-opening notion that I was in possession of the most disgusting, absurd diet ever. Over time I recognized that many of my daily issues, were in fact a result of my poor eating habits. Just to scratch the fried, crispy surface – these are the trials and tribulations that an unhealthy eating, food-loving soul deals with far too often.

1.The inability to twist doorknobs or open things because of the finger grease acquired while eating potato chips. It’s even worse when the thing you’re trying to open is edible, because it really shines a guilty spotlight on the situation, if you already know you’re overeating.

2. When 24/7 fast food joints shutdown their ice cream machine because it’s nighttime. Milkshake or ice cream cravings are intense and passionate, so the only real way of halting such powerful desires is the actual consumption of one.

3.Losing everything in your stomach, along with your dignity in the bathroom of a Taco Bell, because the prices were so low and the food was so tasty entering your body. However the exiting process of mystery meat filled tacos and burritos is never a pleasant one.

4.The challenging task of driving home after purchasing fast food. The specific conflict that always arises involves resisting the urge to inhale most or all of the hot, salty French fries before you even get to sit and enjoy the burger that came along with them.

5.Accidentally leaving unprofessional orange and red fingerprints all over paper documents due to constant consumption of Cheetos, Hot Cheetos and Doritos. Colored fingertips are the surefire sign of a cheese/spicy flavored chip lover — they basically serve as our badge of honor.

6. A constantly upgraded wardrobe as a result of fluctuating weight that renders certain articles of clothing useless. The only real guarantee in my overeating life is that my socks remain consistently usable.

7. Trying to distinguish the difference between sheer boredom and actual hunger. At times they can be indistinguishable, resulting in minor gluttony.

8. Being unnervingly bothered by taking that first swipe out of the peanut butter or Nutella jar because it’s ruining a beautifully filled, smooth looking 13 ounces of deliciousness. Feels like jamming a knife through a Picasso painting every single time.

9. A growing addiction to food porn. Often it’s a struggle to complete daily tasks and errands because we’re mesmerized watching Food Network or looking up HD photographs of cookies, ice cream, cookies covered in ice cream and other sexy — oops, I mean delicious concoctions.

10. Frequently burning fingers and mouths because it’s virtually impossible to refrain from grabbing and attempting to eat freshly cooked, extremely hot food. Even with the knowledge that cooling time is necessary, attempts to resist are futile. I’ll even go back for bites in five-second intervals, as if anything has changed and the result will be less painful.


A Better You

21 Aug

When not so-awesome days hit us, we actually feel down and zombie-like. It’s like some bottomless pit has existed within us and it sucks all the energy and liveliness from our being. Imagine some Kronos-like creature like the one in the Percy Jackson series which pulls you into some kind of an abyss of depression like state. Okay, maybe the description is over-kill but i have actually found ways to get my butt out and be myself again.

Think of Happy thoughts.

Whatever we think about, we bring about– that i read from the book The Secret, so technically when we think of those happy thoughts they kind of lift us from our depression and moves our thoughts to happy memories or to things that stir positive emotions and create serotonin or happy hormones. Think of your family, friends or that cute boy you have a crush on, the favorite book you recently read or the silliest joke that you could remember or your friend has whipped for you. For me happy factors would include those examples plus Jeremy Renner (hopelessly in-love -so dont mind k?)

Forgive and Forget.

Let go of any unpleasant emotion that is lurking within you. Forgive those who have wronged you and forget whatever they did to you, disperse resentment,grudge & hatred those will only make you feel worse and miserable, remember, you carry those feelings and it wont make you feel any better, when we forgive we actually free ourselves from that confinement and we bring about to ourselves a brighter and better future.

Be yourself.

Be who and what you are and don’t pretend otherwise,  express yourself in a way that let’s the whole world know that you are content with your unique individuality and personality. Wear clothes that actually fit your body and make you feel good, do things that would make you feel true to yourself, dance in the rain, splash around the pool, recognize the inner kid in you and indulge yourself to your happy pleasure, nothing to be ashamed of with that.

Recognize your Goals and hope for the Best.

Keep your goals intact and never let anyone or anything hinder and influence your positivity and your determination. Sure obstacles might be hurled upon you, there could be detours you would have to take but all of these are what makes the arrival on your destination even more worthwhile. Prefer optimism,  this certainty that everything will be okay and that you’ll eventually become the person you were meant to be. Some days, it will feel like you’re so far away from accomplishing your goals and that’s okay. Goals are meant to feel far away. That’s why we work towards them!

Do & Dwell on Good Things.

Try doing things that would make you feel good about yourself.Spend less time hate-reading things on the Internet and more time reading things that will enrich your brain.Surround yourself with people who make you want to be a better person. More kind, more considerate, more productive. Pay attention. Be self-aware. Try your best to understand those around you. Through understanding others, you’ll gain a better understanding about yourself. Most importantly Avoid engaging in behavior you know will make you feel ashamed. Easy as pie, right?

Things mentioned above might not work for everyone but somehow i hope that it kind of gives you an idea as to what really matter’s. It is that no matter what happens around us, what’s important is how we react and perceive things, after all we carry ourselves and it is us who decide how we face life.

On Moments and Chances

5 Jun

Everyday that we wake upon provides lots of moments that we must cherish and treasure, moments that we should grab and take advantage of,moments to spend with the ones we love, moments that should be shared with the ones & the things that truly matter because these are all but chances that will soon be gone and truly be lost forever.

I personally am so afraid of committing mistakes, on wasting time on errors or on things left unsaid or undone because once we’ve made those no matter how hard we try or how many attempts we make to undo them, in the end we never can. The urge to correct them will be strong, the sense of want to do the right will be there but no matter what we will still grieve  and live with the after effect of those actions, yes we can’t re-write the past but we can change the possibility of the future but there will be scars left as a reminder. A reminder of the unsaid words, the what if’s, the undone actions a constant nagging thought of the “what would have been’s?”

So I pray to be unabashedly strong ,to let the people who matter to me know how important they are and how much I love them.

To pursue my dreams with the utmost determination and passion, uncaring what the world or other people think.

To smile,to laugh , to cry, to fight and to love, to commit mistakes and to learn from them so they will not be  vain.

To seize the day and to become what I have always dreamed of becoming

To have the guts to tell the person I love how much I love him and  that he alone is the one I need in this world.

Most importantly to say what we want to say to the people who matter to us before time gets in the way.


One dAy at a Time

24 May

Live each day as if its your last. This is the conventional advice, but really who had the energy for that? It’s not just practical. Better by far to simply try & be good & be courageous & try to make a difference. Not the world exactly but a bit around you. Go out there with your passion and work hard, stay true to your principle, live fully, passionately and well. Experience new things. Love and be Loved if the chance comes.

-One Day