Behind the BLog

Hey! Sup! thanks for dropping by!

This is actually one of my infamous attempts to start a decent blog!
I’m really not a writer, i’m a reader! I fell in love first with reading, for me it is the most blissful activity ever, with reading i lose myself into oblivion, into a world of fiction and fantasy, i fall in love with heroes and be with the bravest heroines of all time and in the process it also lured me into writing!

Now what i write would be the results of staccato thought and ideas that has reached my fickle minded personality, it would be anything  that i am able to come up with thru web-verse and also about ultimate love Jeremy Renner.

This would be my online diary, the place where i might enjoy the public privacy of my thoughts.

I’m not just following my dream, I’m working for it and I’m chasing it.
I’m currently on a detour, but I am always faithful to my destination.

Any suggestions and comments will be appreciated, contact me at:!

Xoxo, Ciao!


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